Events & Activities


August 10, 2017:
Educator Training

September 12, 2017:
Make-up Educator Training

September – October, 2017:
Academic Assemblies on each Legacy campus

October 9, 2017:
Student Ambassador Leadership Workshop

November, 2017:
Ongoing food and coat drive on all Legacy campuses

December 1, 2017:
Day of Service

January – April, 2018:
Spring Community Impact Projects on all Legacy campuses

February 13, 2018:
Sunny Side Up fundraiser

April 24, 2018:
Student Philanthropy Showcase

June, 2018:
Camp Legacy sessions


Legacy is the most wonderful thing I have ever done in school. I usually have to go to the food pantry for food for my family. Now I am giving food to others.”


Legacy Student,
Paredes Middle School