Our Program

A Legacy of Giving implements a five-step approach – learn, internalize, advocate, act and reflect – to create empathy and understanding as the foundation for philanthropic engagement. Classroom teachers integrate philanthropy into the core curriculum, encouraging students to actively engage in attempting to ease the world’s problems. Through the Legacy experience, students realize each person can make a difference.

Giving in Action

Our program and curriculum empower Central Texas students to 
become passionate about improving their communities and the world. During the recent holiday, an estimated 400 students from 33 area elementary, middle and high schools collected 4,402 coats for kids and 47,767 pounds of food. Their classroom experience and collaboration was brought to life by providing tangible value to their community.

Since 2006, Legacy students collected 9,000 coats and 150,000 pounds of food for Central Texans. These students also raised $26,000 to build a water system for Burundi, Africa, providing the residents with clean water for life. Economic status, faith, or age doesn’t matter. Social and environmental issues become more than just abstract concepts when students understand how real people are affected in their community and the world. Students emerge as philanthropists when their time and talents serve the community.

When children become engaged in their community, they feel more invested and over time continue to give.”


Linda Brucker
Founder of A Legacy of Giving