Board of Directors

Ben De Leon – President, De Leon & Washburn

Kirstin Ericson – Associate Director at Wortham Insurance

Tiffany Galligan – Principal, Too Good Strategy

Lisa Graham – Board Secretary, Founder of Notley

Nancy Mutscher – Board Treasurer & Lead Risk Partner for Client Risk, Deloitte

Michael Raiford – Vice President Manufacturing/Systems, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

John Sheppard – Board President & Principal, International Liquidation, Blue Clover Studios, Travisio Properties

Kathy Terry – Founder of P. Terry’s

Michelle Wallis – Executive Director, Office of Innovation and Development at AISD

Caroline Page – Executive Director, A Legacy of Giving


Community Advisory Council

Karen Brimble, Co-Founder & Director, One Skye Foundation

Katie Felice, Community Leader and Philanthropist

Ken Gladish, Former President & CEO, Seton Foundations

Judy Knotts, Community Leader and Philanthropist

Judy Loredo – Faculty, LBJ Institute for STEM Education, Texas State University

Libby Malone, Community Leader and Philanthropist

Lynn Meredith, Community Leader and Philanthropist, MFI Foundation

Shannon Meroney, Principal, Meroney Public Affairs

Bonnie Mills, Community Leader and Philanthropist

Rodney Molitor, President, Cook-Walden Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

Hannah Nokes, Director, Community Affairs, EZCORP

Amy Parker, Community Leader and Philanthropist

MariBen Ramsey, Attorney-At-Law, Nonprofit & Philanthropy Consultant

Lynne Sargent – Community Leader and Philanthropist

Amanda Schaeffer – Faculty, Texas Law – University of Texas

Mark Williams, Community Leader and Philanthropist

Children learn best by doing. A Legacy of Giving delivers a groundbreaking, hands-on program that teaches students the value of philanthropy. The program creates a true legacy for our children and our community by educating and growing the philanthropists of the future.”


Lynn Meredith
Community Leader and Philanthropist,
MFI Foundation