The mission of A Legacy of Giving is to empower children through philanthropy education and youth philanthropy programs to become more engaged in improving their communities and world.

We believe empowering children through philanthropy education to become more engaged in improving their communities and world will grow a generation of givers.  If we help children learn to be compassionate at their earliest ages, they will continue to be engaged in their communities and offer their gifts of time, talent and treasure as adults.

Supported by community leaders donating their time, talent and treasure, A Legacy of Giving is emerging as a critical piece of school curriculum.

Today, A Legacy of Giving provides philanthropy education, service learning and civic engagement in a school-based setting in both public and private schools in Central Texas with TEKS-compliant curricula (i.e. curricula meeting or exceeding all state and local public school standards).

In the future, A Legacy of Giving will expand its youth philanthropy program to engage children and their families in philanthropy through opportunities beyond classroom-based learning.


To grow a generation of givers.

Founded in 2007, A Legacy of Giving is an innovative education and service learning program that resides under Austin Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

A Legacy of Giving is a thriving organization in Central Texas that, in the 2014-2015 school year, will reach students in grades K-12 from 35 Austin ISD and independent schools.

Our programs prove that students are embracing philanthropy as part of their curriculum and we’re excited to see how much they want to make a difference.


Linda Brucker
Founder of A Legacy of Giving